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Basic Things You Should Know about Homeowners Insurance

When looking for a place to develop real estate, many new home builders know that they are required to purchase homeowners insurance to be eligible for financing. There are different categories of home ownership insurance based on the type of coverage they offer. The three main types of home insurance are HO-1, HO-2, and HO-3. HO-1 and HO-2 policies are the most cost effective home insurance options, but do not insure the property or homeowner’s belongings, only the property. Many homeowners prefer to purchase HO-3 policies because they cover the home and the belongings it contains.

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Use Your Equity Wisely

Home ownership has its perks. One of those is a potential fund for vacations, college educations, home improvements, and eliminating credit card debt, among others. Indeed, home equity loans can pay for upgrades to the roof, landscape, cabinetry, and other places in the home that can reap gains if you're selling real estate.

Depending on your financial, family or personal condition, tapping into the free and clear value of your residence may present pitfalls:

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Things to consider when buying a home

For most people buying real estate and selling real estate in Helena MT means buying or selling a home. And while that can be a daunting task for even the most experienced purchaser, you can lessen the challenge of buying a home by following a few simple tips designed to make the home ownership process a little easier.
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The Lawn Codes

A well and consistently-mowed lawn can boost your home’s curb appeal and impress someone buying a home. Ignoring this aspect of home ownership can frustrate your efforts at selling real estate. Unkept yards mean falling property values. Tall grass and weeds create obstructions that place motorists and pedestrians at risk, and attract undesirable rodents, insects and snakes. Someone buying real estate does not want to take on a nuisance. 

You'll also feel heat from local government or your home owner's association.
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How to Increase Your Home's Property Value

Most homeowners are interested in increasing their property value with upgrades or changes that can be made to the home after buying real estate. By boosting the value, the homeowners can make a higher profit in the future when selling real estate. To increase your property value and add to its appeal with home ownership, there are a few important tips to follow.

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Home Improvement Grants for Senior Citizens

Home improvement is an inevitable part of home ownership. Many seniors find it difficult to obtain financing not just for home ownership but also for financing their home improvement projects. However, various private and public entities provide home improvement grants for senior citizens.

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Home Organization Tips That Can Make Your House Not Sell If Ignored

When it comes to home ownership, the only way you can have peace of mind and make the house sell is to organize it. However, the goal of organizing your home isn’t to make it sparkling clean but to make it more functional, which is a bonus when selling real estate. You shouldn’t struggle or spend so much on this. We give you simple tricks to de-clutter your home.

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Tips for Buying & Selling

Anyone who has dreamed of buying a home or is trying to sell their current property should keep a few important tips in mind to make the entire transaction process run smoother. Not being aware of certain facts can be financially detrimental, and all contract terms should be carefully negotiated before the closing of the sale.

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Consider Remodeling to Add to The Value of Your Home

For people who have achieved the dream of home ownership, the reality of buying real estate as well as selling real estate is something they know all about. Buying a home is one of the most significant financial commitments a person can make, and it takes hard work and planning to have the means to achieve home ownership and take care of that home. Whether the home you own is in Helena Mt or any other beautiful area in the United States, the reality is that buying real estate (and selling real estate too) takes hard work, thought and a full investment of time and money. Yet for most people, home ownership is very worthwhile.

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Things that Turn Off Potential Homebuyers

Though you may have the best house in the neighborhood, some things can scare away potential homebuyers. Even the little things that seem less significant to you can dictate whether you will sell the house. Let’s look at the major turn offs for potential home buyers.

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It's a great time for first-time home buyers in Helena, MT

There's never been a better time for first time home buyers to consider buying real estate in Helena MT. According to the Helena Association of Realtors®, the average selling price for real estate in Helena MT (as of April 2016) is $248,747. Buying a home at that cost with 10% down would mean a down payment of $24,874, but thanks to options like the FHA loan or specialty loans through the local banks, first time home buyers can put down as little as $7,462 on a home at that price.

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The Tiny Home Trend

We’ve all seen the photos on social media and there’s even televisions shows on channels like HGTV that are featuring these tiny homes.  So what’s the story behind them?

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Overview on Mortgages

Just about everyone dreams of home ownership at some point in their lives. First time home buyers are always excited when they are in the position of buying their own home. So it's important that anyone buying a home understand the mortgage process before they commit to buying real estate, so they are not hit with any surprises later on.

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Home ownership

Home ownership is a special experience when it comes to buying real estate. Whether it is a group of people who are first time home buyers or an established couple who are buying a home for retirement, great options can be purchased at a decent price. After a home has been purchased, people can enhance the look of it by following a couple of tips.

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Places to shop in Helena

Helena has been growing fairly rapidly in the last several years, which is bringing more and more shopping in. For many years people would travel to Missoula, Bozeman, or Great Falls for shopping, but we're starting to compete with them. Shopping local is big and helps support the businesses and employees that live and work in our area.

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Montana’s Low Unemployment Rate

As of February 2016 Montana’s Unemployment Rate is at just 4.2%, while the U.S. overall is at 4.9%.  According to the Montana’s Department of Labor and Industry, February saw 1300 jobs added, which is a strong gain for us.  The payroll gains were across many industries throughout the state, including agricultural and self-employed individuals with the labor force being expanded by 234 workers.

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Spring Gardening Projects

Spring is in full swing and it’s been beautiful out!  It’s now time to start getting your yard and garden prepped for planting and a summer of beautiful flowers and delicious fruits and vegetables.  Here’s some things you can do to get ready:

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Springtime Staging Tips

Everyone loves spring.  The flowers start to bloom, the sun is out, people get happy.  And it’s a very popular time of year for buying and selling homes.  So if you are deciding that this is the time to list your home, you will have competition and you need to beat that competition.  There are several things you can do to prepare.

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The Elkhorn Mountains

Located just south of Helena, near Toston, the Elkhorn Mountains consists of a 300,000-acre area that is managed by a number of individuals and government organizations together, including the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks, Forest Service, and some private property owners.  There is an area for ATVs, motorcycles, and UTVs to ride and some beautiful areas to hike.  There is also a small campground at Crow Creek that is managed by BLM.

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FHA Loans

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) was created by Congress in 1934 and became part of the Department of Housing and Urban Development's Office of Housing (HUD) in 1965.  Its mission is to help borrowers get loans they qualify for and to help lenders by reducing risk on loans.  In other words, they do not actually loan the money, they guarantee, or insure, the loan.

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