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Four Staging Essentials When Selling Your Home

Are you considering selling your home in Helena MT? An important part of your success is to stage your home. Here are some simple tips to make people who are buying real estate see your home for all it is worth. After all, when buying a home, everyone loves a home that looks in its best condition.

First, make sure that the house is sparkly clean. When entering into home ownership no one wants to buy a house that looks dirty. Do a deep clean before selling. This goes beyond the basics and includes things such as shampooing the carpets, scouring the fireplace, removing stains from grout, and having the windows professionally cleaned.

Second, you need to have the home on display rather than your stuff. This means you need to clear all of the clutter. A good rule of thumb is to have either one or three items on display per surface. In the kitchen, keep the counters clear of all accessories except the absolute essentials. This will allow those considering home ownership the opportunity to see the full value of your kitchen. If you have extra furniture and memorabilia and no place to store them, consider investing in a storage unit. People buying real estate want to see the home and not be overwhelmed by the amount of items in a room.

Third, you want the exterior to show your pride of home ownership. If the front door needs a fresh coat of paint, put the effort into that. Make sure that the sidewalk to the front door is clear and no bushes or tree limbs are narrowing the sidewalk. The exterior is the first item someone buying a home is going to notice. Do a once over of the exterior and make sure that there are no cobwebs or little repairs that need to be completed. If it's the right season, add a pop of color with planted flowers. Red and yellow flowers will be the most visible from the curb to potential buyers.

Lastly, if your budget allows, purchase a few up to date accessories to add a fresh look to your interior. Accent pillows for the couch and master bedroom are great places to invest a bit of money. If it is the time of year that it is chilly outside, new throw blankets will also add cozy appeal.

If you want to sell your home in Helena MT having it in top condition when you list it is important to your success. Start with these home staging tips and you will be on the right path to having your home sold.

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