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Four Tips for Preventing a Home Invasion

To prevent a dangerous home invasion from thieves, you must protect your home. Burglars walk through neighborhoods, looking for homes that are easy to break into because the homeowner hasn’t prepared in advance. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can deter a potential thief. If you are a homeowner, then you can use one or more of these tips to protect your home from a burglar.

Tip 1: Install Bright Exterior Lighting On Your Property

Today, there is an assortment of outdoor lighting products, and experts recommend using solar and electric lights to protect your home. You can find solar lights at hardware stores to add bright lighting around doorways and windows. There are also small solar lights that you can attach to the sides of a home. It is also important to install lights that use electricity for power in order to have bright lighting when there are several days of overcast weather, making it impossible for your home’s solar lights to work.

Tip 2: Keep Your Lawn’s Trees and Shrubs Trimmed

If you have shrubs and trees on your property, then make sure to keep the plants trimmed enough that your home’s windows and doorways are not covered. Burglars want to break windows or force open doors where they are not seen by anyone passing by on the street or sidewalk. In just a few seconds, a thief can cut through a window’s screen and glass to enter a home in order to steal valuable objects such as jewelry or electronics. However, when you make it difficult to break into your home, a burglar is more likely to go to a different house.

Tip 3: Stop Deliveries While You Are Away from Home

Avoid ordering items online that are delivered to your home when you are not there. Not only can a thief steal these packages, but also, he will notice that no one is home. Make sure to visit your local post office to have mail delivery stopped while you are away on vacation, and contact your newspaper carrier to stop delivery of newspapers. In addition, have a neighbor collect any items that are in the mailbox.

Tip 4: Install New Locks on Windows and Doors

If it has been awhile since you installed locks on your home’s doors and windows, then it is time to upgrade to new devices. Thieves will learn how to break through old-fashioned locking systems, but if you invest in the newest products, then your home is less likely to become a target for a burglary. For the ultimate protection from thieves, make sure to have multiple locks.

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