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Four Ways to Create a More Elegant, Expensive Looking Living Space

Social media makes the average homeowner feel like less than the best. The kitchens and living areas, the décor shown off in the perfectly executed Instagram shots and Snapchat backgrounds are nothing short of perfect, and it leaves those of us with kids feeling as if we can never have a house that looks like that. White furniture, glass décor on the coffee table, and sheer elegance in every corner of every room is what we’re inundated with, but it’s not so far out of our reach. Kids or not, anyone can make her home look more luxurious and upscale for next to nothing. It’s not nearly as difficult as you might think to create that kind of social media perfection in your home if you know the secrets.

Fresh Flowers

If there is one thing anyone can do to make their home appear more elegant and luxurious even with kids running around and not much to spend, it’s with fresh flowers. A simple bouquet of white roses from the supermarket are easily split up into a few small groups of four and placed in stemless wine glasses around the house. It’s a look that’s instantly elegant, but minimalist-chic in every way.

Think Neutral

The most elegant rooms are the ones that are light and bright. Think white rooms with silver accents, grey walls with light décor, and neutral chic all the way. If you’re working on a small remodel, paint your walls light neutrals, skip the dark furniture, and lighten up anything you can. Open the blinds, get rid of the curtains, and embrace the light and bright look of your newly refreshed home.

Light a Candle

They’re a little bit pricier than other candles, but every Instagram-chic home in the world features at least a few Diptyque candles. They’re elegant and amazing. They smell fantastic, and the simple white candles look so sophisticated on the mantel or the table in the foyer. Did we mention they smell like heaven, so your home feels instantly less like kids live there and more like there are no dirty football and baseball socks and jerseys lying around?

Keep it Simple

De-clutter your space, and get rid of things that serve no real purpose. Too much of a good thing is possible when it comes to home décor. For an elegant look that looks expensive, get rid of clutter and practice simple-chic. There is beauty in simplicity, and that’s never truer than when you’re discussing your home.

You don’t need a big budget to make your home appear more elegant and expensive, but you do need to know what it is about everyone else’s home that makes it look so much more upscale than your own. It’s also helpful to remember for every perfect kitchen on Instagram comes a living room that probably looks more like a bomb went off.
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