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Get Ready for Winter with Weather Stripping

Saving money during winter is often a matter of doing minor upgrades. Weather stripping, in particular, keeps heat in and frost out, which leads to less energy use. Contrary to popular belief, purchasing weather tape is not a matter of finding strips that are long enough to cover all bases. There are two types of caulking tape: nail-on stripping and self-stick tape.

Nail-on Stripping
This type of weather stripping works best with small holes that are less than a quarter of an inch wide. Installation is simple so long as you have a hammer and screws. It takes all but ten minutes to align the metal flank with the gap and nail it in place. Spring open the stripping to seal the space.

Self-stick Tape
Adhesives are the alternative when you cannot use nails. Self-stick weather stripping is usually made of foam or rubber and has a viscid backside that attaches to any dry surface. Doorposts are typically the ideal place to use self-stick tape because of Earth's constant movement that leads to significant gaps between the building and door. One piece of nail-on stripping cannot cover the bottom area of an entryway. Self-stick tape comes with the advantage of being long enough to close openings that cause energy to seep out.

Installing self-stick weather stripping is a matter of aligning it with the open area. Since you may not have the opportunity to re-apply tape in the instance of error, it is essential that you position the piece just right the first time. Purchasing Ethylene-Propylene-Diene-Monomer (EPDM) rubber stripping outlasts vinyl and foam weather tape.

Testing for Open Space
Determining whether or not your home is ready for winter is a matter blowing air near windows and doors. An electric fan is the best way to test for open spaces as you can turn on the device, close the door or window, and feel for drafts coming from the inside outward. Your home is completely sealed if you cannot feel any of the fan's air. Wind of any kind flowing outside from the blower is clear indication that you need to invest in weather stripping.

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