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New Home Organization Tips for Long-Term Storage

Although many families try to get rid of things they don't need or want before loading it onto a moving truck, there are always some boxes of family heirlooms or memorabilia that travels with them no matter how many times the family moves in their lives. Having these memory-filled items can make the process easier, especially for children and teens who may feel uprooted from their lives when heading to a new house.

Storage and organization questions arise, however, if the new property does not have the same spaces available to safely stow these boxes. A new plan needs to be put into place.

Long-Term Storage Options in a New Home

Whether your family is moving to a larger house or downsizing, the configuration of storage spaces may be markedly different from one to the next. For example, the original home may have had a full finished basement with convenient shelves and closets. Maybe all the new house has is a dank and dark crawlspace.


The one in the front hall should be reserved for coats, winter gear, and dry umbrellas. Bedroom closets hold each family member's clothes but can also keep a box or two on a high shelf or tucked away in a corner. Linen or hall closets also provide storage opportunities.


Whether the top of the house is good for storage or not depends on the climate and how much insulation and waterproofing has been done. In most places, attics get extremely hot in the summer as the sun beats down on the roof. Never store anything such as photographs or home movies that could be damaged by the heat.

Cellars or Basements

Finished basements can be trusted for water tightness and are ideal for storing things long term. Unfinished basements or cellars can also provide an excellent option as long as the humidity is controlled so no mold or mildew grows. Also look out for any signs of insects or rodent presence. Erecting a sturdy set of metal shelves to put the boxes on can help keep your lifetime of memories safe.

In the midst of the stressful bustle of moving from one home to another, it can be a great comfort to know that your grandmother's china or your children's kindergarten paintings are with you and completely safe. Take the time to store them correctly in the new house as you prepare to make new memories together.

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