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School Year Home Organization Tips

As each new school year approaches, you are thinking of ways to help your children thrive. You have purchased school supplies, bought new socks and shoes, and met their teachers, but don't forget about the importance of having a home organization plan. Whether you are working on buying a home or you've lived in your house for decades, life gets busier once school starts. Fortunately, one of the best parts of home ownership is the fact that you can tailor your house to meet your specific needs. Try implementing some of these ideas to stay organized and stress-free this school year.

Have a Paper Plan

One of the biggest factors to home clutter during the school year is paper. Your kids bring home permission slips, coloring sheets, reading logs and a huge variety of other information. Get ready to tackle these stacks of paper by creating a paper plan. This does not have to be an elaborate, expensive filing system. Instead, it just needs to be a simple method for keeping papers from piling up.

Consider purchasing a few filing trays and labeling them to meet the specific needs of your family. Put them close to the door, and keep one tray for papers that need to be signed and returned to school, one tray for tests and quizzes, and a third for papers that can be discarded.

Store Strategically

When you were buying a home, the amount of closet and other storage space is probably one of the things that you noticed first. Whether you are living in a small condo or a large, multi-story home, storing items strategically is a great way to stay organized during school days. Place hooks near the front door for backpacks, keep all of the athletic equipment in a bin in the garage, and keep a homework kit handy with pencils, crayons, and erasers. When everything is in its place, you can avoid wasted time on hectic mornings.

Start Early

The first day of school is not the right time to start getting organized. Instead, you'll make your life a lot easier by starting a few weeks before school begins. About a month before school starts, make a list of everything you need to do and purchase. This includes school supplies, sports physicals, and haircuts. This allows you to tackle your list while still having time for summer fun and relaxation.

You can also help your kids have calm, organized mornings by starting to adapt your schedule the week before school begins. Move bedtime a little earlier so your kids get used to getting up earlier, purchase some quick, simple breakfast items and make sure that you start talking in a positive manner about the upcoming school year.

With some careful planning and a good attitude, you can enjoy the perks of home ownership this school year instead of feeling scattered and stressed!

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