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Springtime Staging Tips

Everyone loves spring.  The flowers start to bloom, the sun is out, people get happy.  And it’s a very popular time of year for buying and selling homes.  So if you are deciding that this is the time to list your home, you will have competition and you need to beat that competition.  There are several things you can do to prepare.


Let’s start with the Entryway.  Make sure everything is clean and pretty.  There’s going to be dirt left over from the snow and mud so sweep things off, buy a nice new welcoming door mat if you’re is done for, and even make sure your door is nice and clean.  Paint or replace if necessary.  Bright cheery flowers always makes people happy. 

Clean up your yard. Get that yard cleaned up and into shape as quickly as possible.  Unkempt yards can make an entire property look as if it’s been neglected.  Get rid of whatever is leftover from winter, rake the grass, put out some flowers, silk flowers will even work if it’s too early yet.  Show off your great yard space.  Outdoor space is important to a lot of people.  Make sure it’s highlights are shown, a fire pit, outdoor kitchen, get people to imagine summertime fun in your yard.  Yard ornaments can really spruce up a yard.

Spring clean.  Get your spring cleaning done and make your home shine.  Put away winter clothes and blankets and bring out the colors.  Packing those things up will also help you get organized and more prepared for a move.  It’s always good to declutter before listing, but keep out some nice colorful spring decorations.

Bring in the outdoor aromas. There’s something so wonderful about finally being able to open up the doors and windows and bringing some fresh air into a home.  Spring smells are very lovely and have a very positive effect on people.  So air out the house, bring in some fresh flowers, or add some diffusers to help get rid of any leftover stale winter air.

Try going through your home with an objective eye and smell, or bring in some family members or friends to give you an opinion.  Oftentimes we can’t smell our houses because we live in them, so it’s always good to get someone else’s “sniffer” to help out.

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