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The Latest Trends in Modern Home Design

Home design has been taking some interesting turns lately. Things that may have seemed very out of place 10 years ago are now very common in homes. Many of these changes are easy to make in homes which will result in easy modernization for older homes. These new trends are sure to breathe new life into old homes while adding instant equity by raising the home value.

Outdoor fabrics being used inside

Homes in warmer areas were starting this trend by bringing outdoor furniture inside to utilize sofas and other items inside and out. Designers quickly realized how resilient these fabrics were to high traffic. Where many pieces of indoor furniture would be damaged by high traffic, sofas and chairs with outdoor fabric could withstand even the roughest treatment.

Colored stainless steel

Stainless steel appliances have been very popular in homes for just about a decade. However, appliance manufacturers have taken this trend to a whole new level. Colored stainless steel appliances are now showing up in homes all across the globe. These colored stainless steel appliances are amazing when it comes to matching the theme of a kitchen or bathroom.

Heated floors

While heated floors used to only be popular in colder European countries, they are really taking off in America. This is greatly due to the affordable options that are available today. Having a heated entryway is a key to a luxury home and can add a lot of value to an existing home.

Beautiful bathroom mirrors

In the 80s and 90s, it was all about having a medicine cabinet in your bathroom. These medicine cabinets are being quickly replaced with statement mirrors that add a great accent to any bathroom. Picture mirrors framed by repurposed wood or a mirror hung with old nautical rope. These are just a few examples of statement mirrors that are becoming very popular in bathrooms today.

Compact kitchens

In the past, having a large and extravagant kitchen was key to a fancy home you wanted to show off to the neighbors. The new trend in real estate design today has been that less is more. Kitchens that are more compact give the appearance that you have more open room to move about in your kitchen. Stoves, dishwashers, and sinks being placed in a row next to each other is a design that is becoming quite popular in kitchens.

Low tech family rooms

When some of us older guys were kids, the family room was referred to as the TV Room. However, with technology bombarding us each day, families are now focusing more on making this room a place to reconnect with your family. Sitting areas without big screen TVs are becoming more common in homes today.
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