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Tips for Using Vertical Space in Your Home

Montana winters can be tough, especially when it’s too cold to get outside. This can leave many people feeling claustrophobic indoors, especially if their home is not as organized as it could be. To free up some space in your home and give it a more open feeling, consider how you can utilize the vertical space in your home.

Hanging Spice Racks

In many places, cupboard space is the most valuable real estate in the home. If you are lacking cupboard space, your countertops are probably cluttered and unorganized. You can remedy this by hanging spice racks on the walls of your kitchen or even on an end cabinet. You can store your spices in them, but can also utilize them for other kitchen items, including cookbooks, utensils, or even baking pans.

Wall Art

Instead of purchasing special art to decorate your home, consider how your collections could be art. For example, instead of your large collection of purses taking up valuable closet space, hang them on your wall as a statement piece. You can create art out of almost anything, whether it is jewelry, plates, coffee mugs, or toy cars.

Creative Shelving

You can also get creative with shelving to add more storage space. A ladder hung on the wall makes for great shelving and can help declutter your home quickly. Crates stacked up on top of one another are another great way to take advantage of your vertical space. They can also add some character to your home.

Invest in Hooks

Hooks also make a great way to remove some clutter from your floor. If you have a bicycle stored in the entryway, simple hooks placed on the ceiling can get the bicycle out of your way. You can also place hooks on the ceiling and walls in your kitchen to hang pots and pans. They can be placed in just about every room of your home and help you to declutter your home.

Instead of letting the Montana winters get to you, consider the above ideas to create less clutter in your home. In a short time, your home will be the safe haven it was meant to be. It’s simply a matter of choosing the ideas that are right for you and your home.

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