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Tips to Keep Your Home Feeling Welcoming and Inviting

You want your home to feel warm and welcoming, so first impressions are always important. If you walk into your home and smell stale orders or worse, pet odors coupled with a cluttered, dusty, dirty environment, you definitely have room for improvement.

Improving Your Air Quality

Nothing is worse for your health, mood and first impressions than stale or smelly air. With homes being closed up during the heat of summer and especially during the brutal freezing weather of winter, air quality suffers. Thankfully there are several simple solutions to combat this problem like opening a window and turning on fans for about fifteen minutes in the morning and again in the early evening. Keeping your furnace filters changed on a regular basis will also help keep your air fresh.

Keeping your air ducts cleaned also helps keep you and your family healthy as it rids your air of microorganisms lurking in your ducts, along with dust and dirt. Smells get caught in your window treatments, rugs and carpets so cleaning and deodorizing them on a regular basis will keep your air smelling clean. When you are expecting company or if you simply wish to pick up your mood, boil some cinnamon sticks or lemon slices to give the air a welcoming smell.

De-cluttering Gives Your Rooms a New Look

Many of us become complacent in our housekeeping, letting mail and catalogs build up, cluttering up table tops and letting this go as our lives are busy with work, family and other time consuming tasks. But all that clutter takes its toll, both on your mood and your home's appearance.

Simply getting rid of your piles of clutter can make your home look and feel brand new. After you gather up your mail, socks that dad removed as he sat by the fire after a long day, the kid's toys and hair brushes used in the living room to hastily do your daughter's hair while she finished her breakfast bar, you will be filled with joy when you see your table tops. When you dust, consider a lemon scented polish to help give the air a crisp, clean scent.

Once you tackle the big job of buildup, keeping your home clutter free on a regular basis is easy. Create a mail system to sort your incoming mail into when you bring it in so it doesn't take over again. Put a downstairs toy box for your kids and make toy pick up a nightly before bedtime routine task, and as for dad's socks, show him how much you appreciate him and toss them in the laundry for him. With five minutes daily, you'll have your home clean home.
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