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Transform your corners

Corners open up numerous opportunities for creating unique decorative, functional and whimsical features in a room. They're a blank slate waiting for you to express your creativity.

Decorative corner ideas

A corner can be transformed into an art gallery where you can display some of your favorite paintings, prints or photos. Be sure to add a form of lighting that will showcase your collection.

An arrangement that includes an impressive accent chair, uniquely designed small table, an artistic rug and a decorative mirror can transform a dull corner into a showplace. It will also create an ideal reading area.

Take advantage of the vertical space by adding vertical shelving or decorative ladders to the corner. This increases your display space.

Designing functional corners

Corner style furniture can increase the functionality of an unused corner. A corner cabinet will provide you with additional storage space or display space. A corner desk adds beauty to an empty area while providing a beneficial work area.

The addition of a bookcase or wall-hung shelves can solve a possible storage dilemma that book lovers and collectors often experience. The configuration of the shelves, the material and the style of shelves you choose can enhance the aesthetics of the room.

Built-in bench seating with storage is an ideal way to make a corner more functional. You can store toys underneath the seat. Add a rug to that area and you will have a fantastic play area for kids. Include a pendant light and keep a book and blanket under the seat and you have a cozy, conveniently accessible reading area.

Whimsical corners

Placing a tent in the corner of a kid's bedroom or in a family room will provide a fun play area or make-believe hide-away.

If you have a dog or cat, you can transform an empty corner in a room into a pet play area. Cat towers, kitty condos and scratching posts are available in very attractive designs. Dog beds, toy boxes and feeding stations are available in designs and styles to complement most decors.

Green plants enliven a room and some varieties help purify the air. A display of several plants or an impressive single plant can be a lovely way to fill an empty corner. The containers the plants are in can be an additional artistic element in your decor.

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