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Four Tips for Preventing a Home Invasion

To prevent a dangerous home invasion from thieves, you must protect your home. Burglars walk through neighborhoods, looking for homes that are easy to break into because the homeowner hasn’t prepared in advance. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can deter a potential thief. If you are a homeowner, then you can use one or more of these tips to protect your home from a burglar.

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The Latest Trends in Modern Home Design

Home design has been taking some interesting turns lately. Things that may have seemed very out of place 10 years ago are now very common in homes. Many of these changes are easy to make in homes which will result in easy modernization for older homes. These new trends are sure to breathe new life into old homes while adding instant equity by raising the home value.

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New Home Organization Tips for Long-Term Storage

Although many families try to get rid of things they don't need or want before loading it onto a moving truck, there are always some boxes of family heirlooms or memorabilia that travels with them no matter how many times the family moves in their lives. Having these memory-filled items can make the process easier, especially for children and teens who may feel uprooted from their lives when heading to a new house.

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Tips for Using Vertical Space in Your Home

Montana winters can be tough, especially when it’s too cold to get outside. This can leave many people feeling claustrophobic indoors, especially if their home is not as organized as it could be. To free up some space in your home and give it a more open feeling, consider how you can utilize the vertical space in your home.

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How to Determine the Right Size Rug for Your Living Room

If you've decided you want to decorate your living room with an area rug, the next step is to determine what size rug you need. It can be challenging to figure out exactly how large a rug you want to buy, but our checklist of guidelines will help you meet these challenges successfully. Here's how to determine the right size rug for your living room.

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