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Less Stress in Selling Your Home

When you are considering selling your home there are a few considerations that could make the process less stressful.  Find a local real estate agent.  A local real estate agent will know your particular market. This gives the home owner an advantage in that their agent can rightly assist in setting the listing price. 

When selling a home patience is really a virtue!  It will sell -- it just may take longer than anyone can foresee.  Word of mouth is great. Sellers can spread the word through their contacts or social media as the real estate agent is also doing. 

Get Ready!  It always happens when the seller is not ready to move yet!  Start clearing the clutter and getting rid of anything you don't want to move early on in the process.  Sellers don't want to be surprised by a closing date and have to rush around in moving. 

Communication is the best way to keep the process smooth.  Keep the lines of communication open between you and your real estate agent.  This will ensure that frustrations are kept to a minimum and important deadlines are met.  Sellers might want to set up days of the week or month to talk with their agent.  This way everyone knows that there is set apart time to discuss any upcoming changes or important information. 

Most importantly!  Breathe, Breathe, and again I say breathe.  Relax and let the process work. You and your real estate agent should have a good relationship that both parties are comfortable within the process of selling your property!  LaRinda    

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Springtime Staging Tips

Everyone loves spring.  The flowers start to bloom, the sun is out, people get happy.  And it’s a very popular time of year for buying and selling homes.  So if you are deciding that this is the time to list your home, you will have competition and you need to beat that competition.  There are several things you can do to prepare.

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Remodels that pay

Just like building a new home can get out of hand and take a life on of its own, so can a remodel.  You should plan carefully and stick to that plan as much as you can.  Part of your plan should be for unexpected surprises.  Something might not go according to plan, or when you tear out a wall you might find that there’s plumbing or wiring that may need some repairs.  So be prepared.

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Winter Home Staging Tips

There is so much to know about selling a home. One of the things that many people don't understand is the importance of staging a home for sale. People’s first impression of a home can often decide whether or not they want to make an offer. People form an impression within the first few seconds of walking up to a house.

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